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Ku’uali’i Fishpond

Ku’uali’i Fishpond big island kona hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii (July 2014)


昇仙峡 shosenkyo


Once upon a time, 1988 to be exact, I lived in Kofu, Japan for about eight months. I saw posters advertising Shosenkyo all over the place, but never got the chance to visit myself. 25 years later, I finally had the opportunity. Someday I need to go back and see it again with the autumn colors in full effect.

Shukkei-en scene

Shukkei-en 縮景園 hiroshima

Hiroshima, Japan (June 2013)

Panorama from Shosenkyo

8-photo photomerge panorama Shosenkyo kofu yamanashi japan


Today’s photo comes from the top of the Shosenkyo Ropeway (昇仙峡ロープウェイ). The body of water in the distance to the right is Nosen Lake (能泉湖), an artificial lake created by the Arakawa Dam.

Osaka Evening Skyline

osaka blue hour

Osaka blue hour (August 2013)

One hour and three minutes before I took the above photo things looked like this.


gyudon beer japan

Gyudon in Osaka