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9 years ago…

Mitchell Tolman of the Oregon Ducks (March 2014)

@MitchellTolman @OregonBaseball

Mitchell has been playing minor league baseball since finishing at the U of O in 2015.

Willamette River

Alton Baker Park North Bank Trail

Alton Baker Park’s North Bank Trail (Eugene, Oregon – April 2013)

Just over 10 years ago…

Hiking down from Yosemite’s Vernal Fall (March 2013)

Sycan River

sycan river beatty oregon-DeNoiseAI-clear

Sycan River – Beatty, Oregon

Hiroshima Castle in the rain


Hiroshima Castle 広島城 (June 2013)

Wheel me out of the ball game…

kia tigers crowd alcohol-DeNoiseAI-low-light

KIA Tigers professional baseball crowd

… Wheel me out to the car…

Did you know? At KBO games it’s not only a BYOB situation, you can actually bring in entire coolers loaded with ice and hard alcohol! In the above case, it appears the cooler is loaded with soju (소주) which is usually 20-40% alcohol and very inexpensive.

They actually have a beer-chugging contest on the dugout between innings. The winner receives a free case of beer and the applause of thousands.