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Secret Beach on the Oregon Coast

Secret Beach (Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor – April 2021)

Curl of the Burl

olympic national park trail beach washington beach 1-DeNoiseAI-clear

Olympic National Park (Washington – September 2021)

Today’s photo was taken on the trail heading to the creatively named “Beach 1” in Olympic National Park. Olympic National Park is a bit odd in that includes not only the mountain ranges that include Mt. Olympus at about 8,000 feet but also a stretch of beaches far to the west (with an area of uninteresting towns and land in between not included in the park).

Laguna Beach Panorama

7-photo photomerge panorama laguna beach sunset-clear

7-photo photomerge of a Laguna Beach sunset (December 2019)

Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint

Cape Creek Bridge from Heceta Head Lighthouse topaz denoise ai-clear

Cape Creek Bridge on far left (Oregon Coast – November 2015)

California sunset

laguna beach sunset

Laguna Beach sunset (December 2019)

2021 G! Festival

Syðrugøta faroe islands g! festival beach

Syðrugøta (Faroe Islands) on July 16, 2021

The one festival that wasn’t supposed to be canceled this summer was the G! Festival in the Faroe Islands. Well, this is what the festival looked like on what was to be day two. Very peaceful. As if nothing was supposed to happen here.

The festival was canceled less than a week before due to Covid fears. The country was approaching a 7-day average of new cases that may have hit (are you ready for this?) double digits. That’s right the average had gone up to 7 new cases a day when they said this outdoor festival couldn’t happen. A ridiculous reason to cancel an outdoor event in my opinion, especially since most of the country is vaccinated, vaccination or a negative test was required for entry, and there has been a grand total of one, yes only one, death due to Covid in the Faroe Islands in the past year and a half. Meanwhile, instead of going to the festival, you could walk into a small, indoor bar (without any checking of vaccine status or a recent negative Covid test result) on the Faroe Islands and drink right next to 10 or 20 other people for hours before watching live music that went on indoors from midnight until 4 a.m.!

Anyway, I’m sorry the festival didn’t happen, but I’m really glad I got to visit the Faroe Islands.