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Redwood Highway (AKA Vacuum Route)

tesla california beach orick beach

Orick Beach, California

If you’ve ever driven the road between Grants Pass, Oregon and Eureka, California, did you notice that you go through the towns of Kerby, Orick, and Eureka? Kirby, Oreck, and Eureka are three major vacuum brands. There is also a turnoff, near Selma, for Hoover Gulch. If you are going to start a new town along the Redwood Highway, I highly recommend picking a name like Dyson or Electrolux.

Kaihalulu Beach

red sand beach maui hana hawaii

Red Sand Beach (Hana, Maui, Hawaii)

I felt like my eyes were deceiving me when I was looking at this scene. Not just because it was extraordinarily beautiful, but how does turquoise water exist on top of dark red sand? Isn’t water clear for the most part, and the color we see from it comes from sky reflection or from the beach color under the water? In this case, neither was anything close to turquoise so…??!?!

I’ve seen azure ocean water before, but in every case (except this one), the sand beneath it was white.

Flashback Friday


In December of 2017 I found myself on Oahu’s North Shore.

Six years ago today…

Kailua Beach Park

Secret Beach

secret beach sunset oregon coast-DeNoiseAI-clear

April 2021, Oregon

Carmel Beach

6-photo photomerge monterey bay-DeNoiseAI-clear

Carmel Beach (July 2015)