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Kicking back at the Bellevue

Mürren switzerland bellevue

Hotel Bellevue (Mürren, Switzerland)

Portage Lake

photo photomerge portage lake alaska

Portage Lake, Alaska (August 2023)

One thing that I love about traveling, beyond seeing new things and meeting new people, is that things that weren’t on my radar before become interests for the rest of my days. For instance, I would have skipped over this article in the NY Times a few days ago were it not for my trip to Alaska last summer.

Five years ago…

portland snow walk eagle salmon statue irvington-DeNoiseAI-standard

Snowy eagle-salmon statue in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland, Oregon (February 2019)

Fresh snow in the Grand Canyon

grand canyon snow

South Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona (December 2016)

Winter Wonderland

joshua tree snow

Joshua Tree, California (December 2019)

Winter begins tomorrow.

Alaska in late July

denali alaska