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Best Japanese dictionary on the internet –, or Denshi Jisho, is probably the best Japanese dictionary available on the internet. I previously used the dictionary on the Kanji-A-Day site I previously mentioned, but recently I’ve found to be more useful. Not only does it give you the results you ask for, but it provides much more that can prove useful for those studying the language.

The results of your searches are presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. The author of the site has a knack for no-nonsense, clean, and clear design which I particularly like.

The site supposedly is optimized to run on cell phones, iPhones, and iPod Touches as well (although I haven’t tried these out as I don’t own any of them).

Rather than describe what you can figure out on your own with a few clicks, I’ll just leave my recommendation at that and encourage you to try it.

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    I’ve never found a better japanese dictionary site than Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC:

    Absolutely phenomenal library of words and sentences, and it finds stuff every other dictionary site fails miserably on, including older / obscure translations.

    Another excellent website for anyone for learning vocab / characters, especially if you’re using the Genki books:

    Loads of tests, and it keeps getting improved.

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    What about this one
    This site has the similar database (Prof Jim Breen’s) but has some addtional features such as audible pronuncation, Japanese analyzer & translator, etc.