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Homes in Japan


Today’s post is more for family to see where we will be in Japan than anything else.

On the above map, the point marked A shows our soon-to-be home, right next to the Waseda University campus. It looks like we will be a little over a half mile from the Takadanobaba JR station on the Yamanote Line. I always loved the sound of Takadanobaba. Soon I’ll be hearing it almost daily. We’ll be taking the Tokyo Metro more often than JR since we have two stations within a thousand feet of our future residence.

戸山図書館 on the map (to the southwest of our residence) is the closest non-university library. Hopefully it will be a good one. A decent looking park borders it on the west. Shinjuku Gyoen is a little to the south of this map. I’m sure we’ll spend lots of time there as well.


Map #2 shows where my kids will be going to school in Minato-Ku (marked with the A, our residence being marked with a B this time). The distance is only about 7 miles as the crow flies, but there are no direct train lines linking us. They will have to transfer once on the Tokyo Metro to get to school. It will take them about a half hour each way.

Since they will have passes to let them ride the metro train between those two stations as much as they want, at no additional cost, we’ll probably explore the center area of Tokyo that their passes cover more than some other areas.

In the lower, left portion of this map you will see Setagaya Ward. I lived on the Shibuya side of Setagaya-Ku for a few months back in 1989.


This last map shows where I will be teaching a couple nights a week at the Atsugi Naval Air Facility (marked with the A, our residence again being marked with a B). I’ve also circled some other areas I’ve lived in Japan including Kofu, Tokorozawa, and Kawasaki.

Mt. Fuji (富士山) is just to the west of the 138 on the bottom of the map.

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    Note that point A in the top picture is not where we ended up living.