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Museum foot soak

I’ve mentioned before that if you ever do the Hakone Loop you may want to do it in the reverse direction as that usually directed in the guidebooks. Counterclockwise will usually get you fewer crowds, possibly better views of Mt. Fuji, and, perhaps best of all, a foot soak at the end, instead of the beginning, of your day.

If the above picture doesn’t look like heaven to you then you should walk around all day first. Then take a look. See what I mean?

This foot soak onsen can be found in the Hakone Open Air Museum. The price is right (free with admission), and it is perfect for a museum like this that requires a lot of walking to see everything. Come to think of it, every museum should have such a feature.

A man who worked for the museum was handing out towels, putting fruit in the water, and, as you can see in the next picture, he even offers to take your picture if he sees that you have a camera. I’m looking forward to the Japanese level of service again.

There are even some “doctor fish” in the onsen which provide a little fish therapy to your aching feet.

2 Responses to “Museum foot soak”

  1. 1

    This sounds like my kind of museum. I would sit and soak while the rest of the family walks their socks off.

  2. 2
    Aditya- EtDose:

    Nice concept, i also watched the fish therapy in discovery channel in which fish eat up ur dead skin. Is this therapy is same i mentioned

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