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箱根湯本の煎餅屋さん (Senbei–rice crackers–man in Hakone)

煎餅 senbeiyasan We watched this man make Japanese rice crackers right in front of us on the streets of Hakone Yumoto before purchasing one to try ourselves. I was expecting the freshness to make it taste extra good. Although it was warm, it didn’t taste any different than any other senbei I’ve had.

These are frequently eaten with a sheet of nori (seaweed). That is what the man is holding in his left hand to wrap around the senbei.

2 Responses to “箱根湯本の煎餅屋さん (Senbei–rice crackers–man in Hakone)”

  1. 1
    leif hagen:

    More fun to watch then to eat them. I concur! Great photo!

  2. 2

    i personally don’t like eating rice crackers,but i like the crunchiness to it…
    you captured it well…^-^