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Departure (part 1)

last sunrise in ashland oregon

The day that I had been anticipating for well over a year (returning to live in Japan for a year) finally arrived. It seemed as though it was always just a dream and something would prevent it from ever actually occurring, but somehow this day did come about. Needless to say, I didn’t need an alarm clock. I was up well before dawn due to excitement. After a shower, some more cleaning of my already clean, empty house, and other time passing activities the sun finally rose.

The above picture is of that last sunrise (for a year anyway) over Ashland, Oregon.

medford oregon from the airport

It was a beautiful morning in both Ashland and Medford, where our first plane was to depart from. The clouds were in fine form.

The above photo is from the “new” Medford airport which is a major upgrade over the old one. The former airport terminal is completely gone now. We had breakfast in the only restaurant past the security check point in the place, and this was the view. The old airport didn’t have any place to eat once you got past security which was not a good thing. I found that out on 9/11/01 when I was boarding a plane on that fateful morning. Needless to say, that plane wasn’t permitted to fly and many of us were stranded in the old airport.

kids on the plane

My kids were as excited as I was. They’ve grown a lot since last year.

The fourth picture down on the preceding blog entry link reminded me of something about my daughter’s stuffed animal flight companion. She packed her “stuffy” in her backpack on this trip too. Her raccoon stuffed animal had a hard time making it through security. Security required her to take it out of the bag and then sent it through the x-ray machine again as if it was loaded with drugs or a weapon or something. We all had a good laugh over the treatment this piece of fluff received.

medford oregon from the air

The scene from the air was no less stunning. I had a window seat on this flight. No such luck on the flight from SFO to NRT (Narita). The river you see is the Rogue River and the bluff is Table Rock. I’ll show you more photographs from the air tomorrow.

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