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Happy Thanksgiving!


Wild turkey (Ashland, Oregon – August 2019)

Happy birthday, Fernanda Lira!

nervosa club 66 Fernanda Lira

Fernanda Lira

@nervosathrash @NapalmRecords

Today’s photo comes from Nervosa’s first tour in the USA, more than a year and a half ago. They’ve been busy touring the world ever since.


ashland high school graduation japanese garden wa torii

2016 Ashland High School graduation in Lithia Park


AIFF 2015 Al Case Varsity 4 -1287 director Ian Thomas Ash

-1287’s Ian Thomas Ash

#AIFF15 @ashlandfilm @minus1287

AIFF 2015 Al Case Varsity 4 -1287

-1287 @ 2015 AIFF

Kasamayaki (笠間焼)

AIFF 2015 Al Case Kasamayaki Yuki Kokubo

Yuki Kokubo talking about Kasamayaki

@yukikokubo #AIFF15 @ashlandfilm

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

AIFF-2013 Al Case Crash Reel Lucy Walker1

Lucy Walker @ AIFF

@ashlandfilm @lucywalkerfilm #TheTsunamiandtheCherryBlossom

You can watch Lucy Walker’s amazing film for free on the anniversary of the Tohoku tsunami earthquake disaster by clicking here.