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Good morning Tokyo!

first morning in tokyo

We made it to Tokyo! It was easy getting here for the first 15 hours or so, very difficult thereafter. We were one pilot away from not having any pilots left to fly the plane, but he held out on us. You’d think they would have upgraded us to first class for being one of the only two medical personnel on board who could work on the incapacitated co-pilot but no such luck. I’ll back up and give you a fuller story of how we got here beginning with tomorrow’s entry.

For now, just enjoy the photograph of the sunrise from my new apartment in Tokyo that I took at 4:37 a.m., a mere 2 hours after I woke up for good. Oh, the joys of jetlag

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    leif hagen:

    Ohiogozaimasu! Subarashi sershing desu yo! EAGAN daily photo kara

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