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Memories of childhood

japanese kids playing baseball in the park

When I was a kid I played some form of baseball (frequently wiffleball due to space and number-of-participants constraints) at least 200 days a year. I don’t see that anymore in the states in this age of soccer and video games. But in Japan I see kids playing baseball nearly every day.

野球 甘泉園公園

The location for these shots is the open area on the north-west corner of 甘泉園公園. I’ll be posting more pictures from and information about this park near Waseda University soon.

2 Responses to “Memories of childhood”

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    carolyn USA:

    I agree! I used to play baseball at school playgrounds or just in the street in our neighborhood. We even broke a few windows with wild balls! Those were the days…but, I don’t see it as neighborhood fun anymore, like the kids in your photos. I love your blog…by the way!

  2. 2

    Absolutely. Where I’m from in the states, baseball was virtually unheard of (it was all football in those parts) and most schools didn’t even have a team (though they would of course have football, basketball and soccer teams).

    I think the problem (from my perspective anyway haha) is that baseball just takes too damn long to play and there are too many games in the season to care about in today’s fast-paced society. Or something like that 😉

    I wrote my feelings about the one and only baseball game I have ever attended in my life: