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Shinjuku from below and above – Part 1

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Tocho shinjuku japan

I took a walk the other day through Shinjuku’s Chuo Koen (新宿中央公園). The park provides quite a contrast to the high-rise buildings that surround it. 新宿中央公園 features a rather wide, two-sided waterfall. The side you can see above is almost 10 feet high and more than a hundred feet wide. The other side is at least twice as high.

The building in the background is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office (東京都庁舎 or just 都庁). Like many of the buildings in Shinjuku, it didn’t exist when I last lived in Tokyo in the late 1980s.

If you look very closely at the above photograph you’ll see turtles in the water beneath the waterfall.

japanese turtles

And here is a closeup of those same turtles.

shinjuku chuo koen park tokyo japan

The next evening I found myself on the observation deck of the 都庁 with a view of the spot in 新宿中央公園 from which I had taken the top picture. From this vantage point you can see the other side of the waterfall. The turtles are probably still there, but you can’t quite see them in this final photo.

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