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Loudness ラウドネス @ Loud Park 09 ラウドパーク 2009

loud park 09 lineup set list slayer megadeth judas priest children of bodom setlist

On the day before Loud Park was to begin, Ace Frehley backed out. To fill in for his spot Loudness was added to the bill. I was so happy. I saw Ace before, and have seen Kiss with him. I’m not a fan of either his solo act or Kiss. Loudness, on the other hand, was one of my favorite bands in the 1980s. “Disillusion” and “Thunder in the East” are their best two CDs, IMO, and they played a few songs off of them.

loudness at loud park 09 big rock stage

Before a band hit the stage the giant screen between the two main stages flashed their name as seen in the above picture.

loudness about to hit the loud park 09 2009 stage

This was the scene a moment later before Loudness made their first public appearance in quite a while.

Minoru Niihara loudness loud park 09 二井原実 鈴木政行 masayuki suzuki

Loudness’s long-time drummer, Munetaka Higuchi, died in 2008. Their new drummer is Masayuki Suzuki. Minoru Niihara is the vocalist.

akira takasaki loud park 2009 tokyo japan loudness

Akira Takasaki is the brilliant guitarist of Loudness. One of his guitars had glowing frets. You can see the glowing frets better in the video at the bottom.

loudness crazy doctor loud park 2009 tokyo japan

These pics aren’t great, but given that I was more than 100 yards from the stage and the lighting was poor, they aren’t that bad.

takasaki akira loudness loudpark 2009 tokyo japan live

The setlist (set list?) was something like this:
Fire Of Spirit
Crazy Nights
Heavy Chains
Crazy Doctor
In The Mirror
Are’s Lament
Like Hell
Hit The Rails

loudness crowd shot loud park 09 2009 tokyo japan

There is another image of Loudness in this entry.

akira takasaki loudness loud park 2009

Finally, a video showing what the small, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 (ZS3 in some countries) can do. The audio is very good given the size of the arena (absolutely HUGE) and the fact that it is indoors. The sound bounces around quite a bit, but the TZ7 captures the audio pretty well. When in focus (which the TZ7 sometimes had problems with given the low lighting and hands occasionally thrusting into view) the zoom on the TZ7 sometimes provides a clearer picture with video than stills shot with the same camera.

2 Responses to “Loudness ラウドネス @ Loud Park 09 ラウドパーク 2009”

  1. 1
    Tokyo Five:

    You don’t like KISS?
    They’re my favorite band!

    I never went to any of the “Loudpark” festivals over the years yet…but I’ve seen a number of the bands (Priest, Loudness, etc) in concert in Japan at different times.

  2. 2
    Jimmy Agates:

    Cool pics. Loudness are awesome and are so much better than Ace or any Kiss related band!!!

    Saw Loudness last year in Japan and a few times in the US – they never disappoint.