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Napalm Death @ Loud Park 2009

napalm death mitch harris loud park tokyo japan

I’ve seen many Napalm Death shirts over the years but this was my first time experiencing the band. My first impression was that they seemed like a bunch of recently escaped mental hospital patients. Their stage at Loud Park was nearly black through much of the set, making photography impossible. Mark Greenway, the lead singer, paced the stage in a rapid, clockwise circle through their entire set so I couldn’t have really captured him close up even if the lighting was decent.

napalm death loud park 2009 tokyo japan ナパーム・デス

Napalm Death played a few, really short songs (under a minute each), but for the most part, I think they focused on their more recent, longer song-length material. Overall, I enjoyed their performance.

Mark Greenway made some speeches between songs. Even though what he said was in English I couldn’t really understand him due to his thick Birmingham accent. I’m pretty sure the rest of the audience (99%+ Japanese) couldn’t understand a word.

ナパーム・デス napalm death loud park Shane Embury Danny Herrera

What you see above is from the few moments when a fair amount of spot lights were on.

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