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Opeth (オーペス) in Tokyo at O-East

opeth tokyo shibuya japan o-east november 17 2009 11月17日2009年 オーペス

Opeth was set to hit the stage at Shibuya O-EAST at 7 p.m. Doors opened at 6 p.m., and there was no opening band. Rain had been falling hard all day and didn’t let up before, or after, the show. I arrived at 6 to find that they were letting people in based on a number printed on the ticket. It turns out I was number 189. I don’t know if this is the case at all small venues in Japan, but it is good to know. If you aren’t in the first 50 numbers, who grab up the best spots, you may as well show up 10 minutes before the show so you don’t have to stand and wait for an hour.

Most people in the audience had an umbrella with them throughout the show, myself included. Afterwards I thought I should have opened my umbrella when Mikael mentioned “Watershed,” but maybe the mostly non-English speaking audience wouldn’t have made the connection.

O-EAST is a fantastic venue. The stage is large for the size of the place, and everyone in the audience is within about 40 feet of the stage. The sound was incredible. I think this was the best quality sound I have ever experienced at a concert. Maybe my earplugs were just in perfectly, or something, but the music was crystal clear. There wasn’t the normal distortion of music bouncing around like there usually is at indoor shows. I wasn’t even standing near the mixing board; nor was I dead center. Even so, the mix from my position in the crowd was perfect; every instrument, and the vocals, sounded just right.

オーペス ミカエル・オーカーフェルト Mikael Åkerfeldt

Even though I saw Opeth on this same tour back in the states this past summer, the set list was extremely different on this evening in Tokyo. Only two songs were the same. “Windowpane” was probably the last song in the world I was expecting them to begin with. “Burden,” kicking off the encore, was also a shock. Personally, I’d rather hear “Demon of the Fall” and “Baying of the Hounds” instead, but surprises are good too.

Ghost of Perdition
The Lotus Eater
White Cluster
The Leper Affinity
Reverie/Harlequin Forest
April Ethereal
Hex Omega
Rudolf Schenker impersonation
Guitar Solo

I have a pretty decent video of “The Leper Affinity” coming here soon.

4 Responses to “Opeth (オーペス) in Tokyo at O-East”

  1. 1
    leif hagen:

    Is it 1974 or do those guys all just have long hair? Hena gaijin desu ne!

  2. 2
    emily michelle:

    Just wanted to say, that top picture is fantastic.

  3. 3

    Great photos!!
    Are you an professional photographer??
    Can I put up your photos on my website,
    (I guess you can enjoy some contents even if you don’t understand Japanese…)

    I enjoyed your video as well and me too uploaded some stuff!

    Hope you enjoy them!

  4. 4


    No, I’m not a professional. You can put them on your website with a link back to this blog. I’ll check your site out.

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