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Hide and Seek in Kansenen Koen (甘泉園公園)

Kansenen Koen koyo fall colors autumn foliage tokyo japan

I walk through Kansenen Park at least a couple times a week on my way to Waseda University. The college students haven’t discovered it as this oasis is always empty or nearly so. The colors have changed now that we have reached December so it is more beautiful than ever. These photos may make it look like the place was deserted, but there were actually about a dozen kindergarteners playing “hide and seek” so the place was a bit noisy (in a good way).

Kansenen Koen in autumn waseda university tokyo japan

I happened to be leaving at the same time as the kids. They all bowed to the park at the exit and said “また来るね” (which means something along the lines of, “we will visit you again”) which was my sentiment as well.

japanese kindergarteners playing hide and go seek near waseda university tokyo japan

One Response to “Hide and Seek in Kansenen Koen (甘泉園公園)”

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    Mark Tesch:

    Awesome. I wish the people of the world could be as respectful and bow down to the places they visit as they leave. Thank you for this.

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