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Illuminations in and around Roppongi

tokyo tower christmas illuminations lights japan

Last Friday night we went to Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi to check out the Christmas lights (referred to as illuminations or イルミネーション) and have some dinner. The restaurants with the good views in the Garden Terrace were all booked so we had some inexpensive, Vietnamese food without a view instead. Ironically, even though the place was packed, all the restaurants and shops closed at 9 p.m. We then headed over to Roppongi Hills where I took the above photo of the Tokyo Tower, which was lit differently than usual.

roppongi hills illuminations christmas lights asahi tv tokyo japan

The Mori Garden was illuminated as it basked in the glow of Asahi TV Studio.

midtown tower christmas lights tree illuminations 2009 tokyo japan

The Grass Square behind the Midtown Tower and Garden Terrace were the scene for this ever-changing light display.

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    Gorgeous lights! I love the middle one– what an amazing building of glass and steel.

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