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Modern China

Based on what others have said, especially those who have only been to places like Beijing or Shanghai, and the propaganda from the Beijing Olympics, showing a modern China, I was expecting something different than I found. Sure, there are some modern buildings in Zhengzhou, and those living there claim that things have developed rapidly over the past couple decades, but most of what I saw looked like it was out of the pre-1970s era.

If you look closely you can see that some kids were playing on the above building.

Many of the buildings and walls around town made things look like a prison. The constant, extreme air pollution added the gas chamber element to complete the less-than-pretty picture.

One Response to “Modern China”

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    Impressive photography indeed, providing a great inside view, one wouldn’t be able to obtain without you. There are however many such areas over here in Athens, Greece as well – guess it might be a sign of the time, mankind lives in; makes one wonder whether it might be as well time to make a change…
    Please have a nice Thursday.