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Yokohama Bay Stars

hossy bay stars

Guess where I went for Father’s Day?

It was humid and the wind was blowing out. The first batter for the Hanshin Tigers (from Osaka) hit the very first pitch of the game for a home run. That set the tone for the rest of the game which featured two players hitting two home runs each, seven home runs total, and a final score of 14-6, sounds like an American football score.

hanshin tigers vs. yokohama bay stars

In the bottom of the first inning Seiichi Uchikawa (featured on the lower, right-hand corner of my media guide) came up for the home team (Yokohama Bay Stars) with a runner on. He took the first pitch from Casey Fossum (the same pitcher who has logged over 230 games in the majors).

casey fossum serves up fat pitch for the hanshin tigers

The next pitch he knocked over the left field fence to put the Bay Stars up 2-1.

内川 聖一 うちかわ せいいち

Touch ’em all.

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