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Roger Waters @ Yankee Stadium

roger waters yankee stadium the wall tour 2012

Yankee Stadium panorama from Monument Park

This weekend Roger Waters is performing The Wall at Yankee Stadium twice (Friday and Saturday nights). When I took this photo at a Yankees-Braves game last month they had an advertisement for the second date (which wasn’t sold out at the time) and it gave me goosebumps. Unfortunately, I will not be in New York this weekend, but I have extremely fond memories of seeing this tour in San Francisco.

I took today’s picture from Monument Park in center field before the game, approximately the same place where Roger Waters will be performing The Wall. The photomerge of five pics messed up the netting that protects the monuments from home run balls. I attempted to Photoshop the netting away, but I became frustrated and was ready to delete the images off my hard drive. Then it occurred to me that this isn’t all that different from the wall Roger will be building and destroying in center field this weekend, built on the edges to begin with, fully built by intermission, and destroyed during the second set.

For another panorama of Yankee Stadium that isn’t a mess see this prior entry.

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