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2012 NL Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey

r.a. dickey knuckleball knuckle ball cy young award winner 2012 national league

National League Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey throws a knuckleball to a New York Yankees hitter

Congratulations to R.A. Dickey for winning the 2012 Cy Young Award. I like guys like Dickey, who exceed expectations and don’t have a ridiculous salary. He has never made more than $4.3M in a season. Once a guy starts making $10 or 20 million a year I have a hard time liking him.

I saw Dickey play at the end of his improbable run in late June. From May 22 until I saw him pitch at home against the Yankees on June 24 he started 6 games and was nearly perfect during that stretch. He not only won all of those games, but he only gave up 1 earned run (in the first game) and was averaging more than 10 strikeouts a game. Unfortunately for the Mets, the streak ended the night I was there and he gave up five runs to the Yankees. He was never quite that good during the rest of the year, but he was plenty good enough to win the Cy Young Award on the season, given to the best pitcher in the league.

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