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Korean baseball cheerleaders

kia tigers baseball gwangju male cheerleader v11

KIA Tigers cheerleaders

Currently in Korean professional baseball it is standard practice to have four female cheerleaders and one male head cheerleader who has a whistle, microphone, and who does all the talking. While professional Japanese baseball teams have cheerleaders too, they are usually positioned in the outfield seats, and their voices aren’t running through speakers. In Gwangju the cheerleaders are basically on the dugout with a rack of speakers behind them so it can be really loud. Even though I didn’t understand a word he said, I will be able to remember his voice forever.

The V11 on his uniform is for “Victory 11” as the Tigers have won the Korean baseball championship a country-best ten times. I thought this was a KIA Tigers thing, but when I went to the Lotte Giants game in Busan, their head cheerleader had a V3 on his uniform. It looked pretty pathetic to wear such a thing when your competition is sporting a V with a much higher number.

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