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Cablecar from Geumgang Park

Geumgang Park 금강공원 cablecar busan south korea

Geumgang Park (금강공원) cablecar (Busan, South Korea)

I know, “cable car” is two words. For some reason, though, every place on the internet that references this cable car/tram/ropeway refers to it as a cablecar.

Today’s photo reminds me that I have no plans this summer. For the past 10 years or so I had some adventures planned by this time of the year, usually overseas. Although South Korea isn’t my first (or second, or third…) choice of places I’d like to go to, there were some fun moments and unusual experiences a couple summers ago when I went to Korea.

Rather than merely take this cablecar up and down like most people, I went for a rather brutal hike from the top to this amazing location (Seokbulsa or 석불사) in the middle of nowhere.

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