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Throwback Thursday

Shaolin Temple Monk Flip

Shaolin Temple Monk

kung fu flip shaolin temple chinese performance sou music hall

Kung Fu Flip @ Southern Oregon University

Another photo today from the performance of the monks of the Shaolin Temple which happened a week ago on the SOU campus.

Shaolin Temple Monks doing Kung Fu in Oregon

shaolin temple monks kung fu sword balance ashland oregon sou music recital hall

Monks from Shaolin Temple perform at Southern Oregon University

Once upon a time (less than three years ago) I visited the Shaolin Temple in central China. Last night they returned the favor and paid me a visit in Oregon.

Kung Fu Fighting

kung fu moves action photography

On my visit to Shaolin Temple in China last month, I had the chance to watch a Kung Fu performance since the Shaolin Temple is known as the birthplace of the martial art. The performance was really cool at times.

However, much of it was really cheesy and touristy, which cheapened the whole experience. For instance, the show would be stopped at times to try to get people in the crowd to buy things or pay for pictures with a Shaolin Monk.

balance on finger shaolin monastery zhengzhou china

This guy did a handstand on four fingers. I guess that would be called a fingerstand.

chinese buddhist monks strike a pose

Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple

Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple henan china

The Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple was one of the highlights of my recent trip to China. One of the people I walked through the pagodas with said it felt like a similar atmosphere to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Chinese kids

As I was walking back to my hotel one day in China, this little guy came up to me and started talking. His little lectures always ended with what sounded like a question. Of course I couldn’t understand anything he was saying, and I told him so even though he wouldn’t be able to understand me either. He would make a little “humph?” sound like he misheard me and ask the question again. We went on like this for several rounds until he spotted my camera. I showed him some pictures. He looked amazed, like he’d never seen a camera before or pictures so I took the above photo of him to show him. He was awestruck when I showed him his picture. I don’t think he had ever seen a picture of himself before, maybe not even his own reflection from the look of his reaction.

A man on a scooter then pulled up with this little girl, and they began talking with the boy and his mom. I’m not sure if they were related, friends, or complete strangers, but the boy wanted me to show the girl his picture. So I did, and she smiled from ear to ear. I then took her picture, above, and the boy jumped into the picture at the last second. Another 5 minutes of showing them their pictures (they were both thrilled, as was the man on the scooter), and I finished my walk.

It wasn’t the first, or last, time that taking a Chinese person’s picture caused such excitement on this trip. Things may change over the next few decades, but right now the vast majority don’t own cameras, and many seem to be completely unfamiliar with them.

This little girl was hanging out in Lvyin Park.

And this one was riding one of the lucky turtle statues at Shaolin Temple.