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The Last Musichead Show

sanctifyre musichead

Sanctifyre @ final Musichead gig (8/10/15)

Musichead in Medford has been a hub for rock, metal, and punk bands to play for more than a decade. I have posted hundreds of photos from shows at Musichead over the years. I have hundreds more that I need to post when I get the chance. The store is still open. You can still go to Musichead to buy CDs, shirts, etc. However, there will be no more shows there after last night as the building owner is renting the concert space to another business. Hopefully bands that would play Musichead will play at Club 66 in the future.

I have so many fond memories. Some highlights include Giant Squid, Wehrmacht, Michael Graves, Ceremonial Castings, and Stoneburner. Even Mastodon played at Musichead back in 2004. I will miss my Musichead evenings.

BTW, although this was Sanctifyre’s first show at Musichead, members of Dark Confidant and Toxic Witch (photos coming someday) who have previously played at Musichead make up Sanctifyre.

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