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Sort of a Throwback Thursday

Ashland Independent Film Festival cookies

@ashlandfilm #AIFF2016

These cookies, made by Jolene, were for the 2014 Ashland Independent Film Festival. Coincidentally, the 2016 AIFF begins today!

Charlotte Russe from Jolene’s Sweets

jolene's sweets cake myana

Last week Jolene made this light sponge cake lined with lady fingers, filled with layers of Bavarian cream, and topped with peaches and sweet whipped cream. Order your next sweet here.

Oak Street Saturday Market

@rvgrowersmarket @barkingmoonfarm

Hammich @ Sammich

sammich ashland oregon hammich giardiniera

Sammich’s Hammich with giardiniera


sammich menu board

Sammich menu board 2015

Jolene’s Sweets cake

jolene's sweets cake

cake from Jolene’s Sweets

@VisitingAshland @AshCulinaryFest

It has been a while since I have posted any of the deliciousness coming from Jolene’s house. If you are in, or near, Ashland and want the absolute finest desserts or breakfast treats, give her a call.

Sammich’s “melt my heart away”

sammich melt my heart away

Sammich‘s “melt my heart away” (Ashland, Oregon)

@sammichashland @TravelOregon

So good. So good.

sammich melt my heart away

Sammich’s specials board

Sammich open today (Sunday)

sammich joey's spicy and mamacita

Sammich (Ashland, Oregon) – Joey’s Spicy and Mamacita


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone for a Sammich on Sunday only to realize along the way, or once I got there, that they are closed on Sunday. Not anymore. Sammich is now open from 11-4 on Sundays.

Today’s lunch

sammich ashland the burg burger

Sammich‘s Burg


Ashland Daily Photo turns six-years old today

happy birthday cake jolene's sweets

Birthday cake from Jolene’s Sweets

Enchiladas Mineras, Guanajuato style

photomerge van gogh restaurant guanajuato

La Oreja de Van Gogh (Guanajuato, Mexico)

My first night in Guanajuato and I hadn’t eaten much all day. They don’t serve food on airplanes any more, and I even slept through the drink and nuts they sometimes provide. So I wasn’t going to last long walking the streets of Guanajuato on an empty stomach. I saw the Pirates and Marlins on TV, rain began to fall again, and my decision to eat at this place was decided.

I don’t speak Spanish. My waiter didn’t speak English. Guanajuato style enchiladas sounded good. I ordered an Indio to go with it, thinking it may be an IPA. The waiter seemed to ask if I wanted tomatoes in my Indio. With that I changed my order to Sol. A chicken leg came with my enchiladas.

Frescos on the walls were in a Van Gogh style, and the live music hit the spot. The rain came down so hard that the TVs stopped working. I waited until the rain weakened a bit and then headed back to my hotel.