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More pics from Nic Temple’s piano recital

Nic Temple SOU music recital hall

Nic Temple @ 14mm

If you are in the Ashland area on April 20, you can hear Nic play at the Duo piano recital: Nic Temple & Jon Hays.

13A_0552RAW Nic Temple SOU music recital hall

Nic Temple Honors Piano Recital

Nic Temple Honors Piano Recital

Nic Temple performing on 4/4/13 in the SOU Music Recital Hall

Witch Cult @ Musichead 9/29/12

Lillith witch cult ashland oregon black metal musichead medford

witch cult musichead medford oregon

Blaspherion Necrokult guitar witch cult black metal oregon band

witch cult drummer southern oregon university nick temple

Witch Cult @ Musichead

witch cult female lead singer ashland oregon medford musichead

Last month Musichead had their “First Annual Metalfest.” Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. The band I really wanted to see at Metalfest was Witch Cult from Ashland. Black Metal in Ashland? Seemed hard to believe so I was excited to see that they were playing again. This time (September 4, 2012) they opened for some Portland bands.

witch cult musichead oregon black metal

I arrived a little late, in part because the shows never start on time in Medford. If Witch Cult started late it wasn’t very much after the 7 p.m. start time. I don’t think I missed more than one song. As I entered they were blasting through a familiar tune, some old Sepultura, written long before the Witch Cult members were born.

Witch Cult bassist Destruidor Louco black metal corpse face paint

Witch Cult is as close to the Norwegian black metal bands as you can get, including corpse paint and names like Lillith, Destruidor Louco, Blaspherion Necrokult, and Kadath. With Witch Cult so close to home I won’t need to head to Norway for my black metal fix again anytime soon. 😉

Blaspherion Necrokult lilith musichead medford

witch cult black heavy metal guitarist gold hill oregon medford rogue valley

Destruidor Louco bass Witch Cult