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Ashland in December

ashland springs hotel holiday lights

Ashland Springs Hotel

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City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style

As the shoppers rush home with their treasures

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Movie watching season

Red Vines

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Day 3 of 2017 AIFF begins

aiff al case Jesse Kreitzer black canaries

Jesse Kreitzer

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combine AIFF al case black canaries varsity theatre

Black Canaries in the Varsity Theatre

aiff al case jesse kreitzer black canaries marque

Day 2 of 2017 AIFF begins

AIFF2017_Day 1

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Tickets are still available for most shows.

AIFF next weekend

@ashlandfilm #AIFF2017 aiff 2016 al case varsity

Ashland Independent Film Festival

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The 2017 Ashland Independent Film Festival is about to get underway. Tickets are still available for some showings. April 6-10 are the dates this year. Today’s photo comes from last year’s festival; hence, the different dates.

Claressa Shields wins another gold

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Congratulations to Claressa Shields on winning her second gold medal today. The T-Rex documentary on her life (up to about 2013) is outstanding. You can watch it here.

AIFF 2015 Al Case T Rex Varsity 3 Drea Cooper Zackary Canepari

T-Rex filmmakers Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari in Ashland’s Varsity 3

AIFF 2016 is over

 aiff 2016 al case banner

Ashland Independent Film Festival banner flying in front of the Elk’s Lodge on East Main Street

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Today is April 12, which means the Ashland Independent Film Festival of 2016 is now only a memory.

You can view a list of award-winning films here. “The Birth of Sake” received an honorable mention. A couple of my other favorites (“Thunder Road” and “Embers”) didn’t receive any awards, which just goes to show you how high the quality of this festival has become.

aiff 2016 al case varsity the birth of sake

“The Birth of Sake” in Ashland’s Varsity Theatre

aiff 2016 al case varsity the birth of sake erik shirai

Erik Shirai, director of “The Birth of Sake”, answers questions from the audience

Day 4 @ AIFF 2016

6-photo photomerge aiff 2016 ashland springs hotel varsity theatre panorama small

6-photo photomerge of AIFF 2016 activity on a beautiful Sunday morning in Ashland

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Awards tonight, award-winning films shown tomorrow for the last time. If you are supposed to work tomorrow, it may be a good time to take a sick day.

Day 3 at AIFF 2016 begins

aiff 2016 al case varsity damn what a dame Michelle Branch michael bryant

Michelle Branch and Michael Bryant discuss “Damn, What a Dame”

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My favorite of the 2016 film festival so far are the Short Stories. There are actually tickets still remaining to see these on Sunday morning.

The short films are all good or better, but the final one “Thunder Road” by Jim Cummings is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I’ve never simultaneously been so sad and laughing hysterically before.

I said a final goodbye to my dying mother just days before the 2013 Ashland Independent Film Festival. She died within days of the festival ending. My father was dying during the 2014 AIFF. So I tend to get a little extra emotional during AIFF. “Thunder Road”, “Semele”, “Mother’s Day”, and “1985” (a short before “Five Nights in Maine”) all got me really good.

aiff 2016 mother's day varsity al case

“Mother’s Day” by Jeff Tan in Varsity 3

aiff 2016 al case varsity

Varsity Theatre (Ashland, Oregon)