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Lithia Park (Ashland, Oregon)

I just got back from a glorious bike ride around Lithia Park. I didn’t have my camera with me, and it wouldn’t have done much good if I had since the weather is overcast. The weather made for great riding (not too hot), but wouldn’t have made for great picture taking. I do have an old picture or two of the park that I will insert below however.

Upper Duck Pond Lithia Park Ashland Oregon

The above (and you’ll need to click on it for a better view) is from last autumn. My kids are sitting at the upper duck pond which was green at the time. I noticed today that the pond has since been drained, and a new filtration system has been put in. The water is now too clear, as you can see the filtration pipes on the bottom of the pond. Oh well, at least it doesn’t smell anymore.

Japanese Gardens Lithia Park Ashland Oregon

Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon has a nice Japanese gardens section that is especially impressive in the fall.

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