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As mentioned in yesterday’s entry, there is more to see and do than Bellevue Beach if you get off at Klampenborg Station. If you head west from the station you will soon find yourself in a forest. This area is known as Dyrehaven or The Deer Park in English. There are supposed to be thousands of deer living in these forests but we didn’t see any. That’s OK, though, as we see plenty of deer back home.

world\'s oldest amusement park

After a nice walk you’ll find yourself at Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park. There is a history of the park display, but it was all in Danish so I didn’t get all the details. I think I read that in the early days there weren’t any rides, per se. Rather there were jugglers and other circus-type acts. Most of the rides didn’t seem to be more than a decade or two old, but some of them were quite old and very unique.

bakken copenhagen denmark oldest amusement park

On one ride you have to manually pedal a swan around a track. In another you are in a Viking Ship loaded with water cannons that actually work. Not only are the other riders firing on you but the ride itself will hose you down good. No one seemed to make it off of that ride anywhere near dry.

bakken amusement park denmark

The park is free to get in, but the all-day ride ticket sets you back as much as Tivoli. Food seemed to be cheaper. Bakken was more crowded than Tivoli–maybe just because it isn’t as spread out (not that Tivoli is spread out compared to amusement and theme parks in the U.S.).

deer park outside of bakken copenhagen denmark

On our way back to the train station we road in a horse-drawn carriage.

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