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Travel Essentials Photo Contest Winners 2011

denmark roskilde festival 2011

Danish concert goers at Roskilde 2011

For the fourth year in a row I entered the annual Travel Essentials Photo Contest. In 2008 I came in 18th place, 2009 was 7th place, and 2010 landed me in the money with 3rd place. I didn’t place as high this year, but, for the first time, both of my entries made the cut.

For the 2011 winning photos click here.

Travel Essentials Photo Contest Winners

photo contest winner travel essentials

As previously mentioned I, once again, entered the Travel Essentials Photo Contest. In 2008 I came in 18th place. For 2009 I moved up to 7th place–still out of the money but an improvement nonetheless. To see the top 22 entries click here.

Travel Essentials Photo Contest

It’s time once again to enter the Travel Essentials photo contest. Last year I came in 18th place. This year I need your help to decide which photograph will bring home the money prize.

Which picture do you think I have the best chance with? Please comment.

LX3 Sunrise

Harris Beach

Crater Lake in May

Gustav Vigeland’s Wheel of Life

The road to the world’s oldest amusement park

Pet squirrel

Before the storm in Oslo

Notre Dame just after dusk

End of Tour of Italy

I hope you’ve enjoyed these past couple of weeks “traveling” through Italy. Today will complete Italy, and we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled program of Japan tomorrow (unless I’m snowed in somewhere).

The above photograph is of the Victor Emmanuel Monument in Rome. Although “only” a hundred years old or so, it has a somewhat classical feel to it. Apparently some very ancient sites were destroyed in the building of it, though, which is unfortunate. The views from the top are supposed to be great, but we didn’t go inside, let alone up to the roof.

Our final picture of Italy will be this rather humorous one of Moses with horns. One of the many translation errors in the Bible once had Moses with horns coming out of his head, rather than rays of light or shiny skin, in Exodus 34:29. So you see several paintings and sculptures (some by Michaelangelo) of Moses with horns while walking the streets or browsing the art galleries in Italy.

Old places

When I turned the corner where the above picture was taken I had no idea I was about to see the Pantheon. What an amazing surprise it was to be walking around the streets of Rome and stumble on this scene.

The ruins of the Roman Forum are a must see while in Rome. I was fascinated to walk through it and feel the history.

From the vantage point in the above photograph you can also see the Coliseum (background, slightly left of center), a place I pictured in my imagination to be off by itself. Instead there is vehicle traffic buzzing around it constantly. The Coliseum was a bit of a disappointment in that regard but still incredible to tour on the inside.

St. Peter’s

I’m not sure if this is the same every day, but on the day we visited St. Peter’s there were tons of people lined up in the morning to enter. Once we got in we could barely move and it wasn’t all that enjoyable.

After St. Peter’s we went into the Vatican Museum (which was also extremely crowded). In late afternoon, after coming out of the Vatican, we noticed that there was no line for St. Peter’s so we walked back in. The difference was striking. Not only was the place relatively empty but the afternoon sun was streaming in making the place far more beautiful.

This is the main dome. It is hard to capture just how huge it is in a picture. Imagine a person floating up there. Well, you’d barely be able to see them. That’s how big it is.

Here we see a couple of Swiss Pikemen guarding the Vatican doors. These are real guards, not just props for the tourists to take photographs of. I think their official title is something like Papal Swiss Guards. If you have played Age of Empires II or III you know a pikeman can easily be taken out with a few crossbowmen. 😉