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End of Tour of Italy

I hope you’ve enjoyed these past couple of weeks “traveling” through Italy. Today will complete Italy, and we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled program of Japan tomorrow (unless I’m snowed in somewhere).

The above photograph is of the Victor Emmanuel Monument in Rome. Although “only” a hundred years old or so, it has a somewhat classical feel to it. Apparently some very ancient sites were destroyed in the building of it, though, which is unfortunate. The views from the top are supposed to be great, but we didn’t go inside, let alone up to the roof.

Our final picture of Italy will be this rather humorous one of Moses with horns. One of the many translation errors in the Bible once had Moses with horns coming out of his head, rather than rays of light or shiny skin, in Exodus 34:29. So you see several paintings and sculptures (some by Michaelangelo) of Moses with horns while walking the streets or browsing the art galleries in Italy.

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