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Dropping the kids off at school

tokyo tower from near the tamachi station

The other morning we rode the train from Takadanobaba to the Tamachi Station where my kids go to school. While crossing the street to get to Tokyo International School we have the above view of the Tokyo Tower.

The Tokyo Tower is actually higher than the Eiffel Tower it is modeled (copied) from, but it doesn’t seem as tall given the high rise buildings nearby. The Eiffel Tower, by comparison, has virtually no buildings right next to it, and those in the vicinity are usually no more than 3 stories high so it stands out much more.

japanese pastries koala bear asparagus

After dropping the kids off we headed over to a pastry shop adjacent to the Tamachi Station. I had the asparagus, ham, and cheese pastry while my wife had a blueberry roll. The Koala bear pastries were the special of the day at only 80 yen so we grabbed one too. It wasn’t as good as it looked. The others were though.

3 Responses to “Dropping the kids off at school”

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    carolyn USA:

    I have been in that very area looking up at the Tokyo Tower! There is a 52 story building nearby with an observation level. It is spectacular at night! The view from the tower is also fabulous, as would be expected so high up…I wonder if it is open at night? Your site brings back so many memories for me!

  2. 2

    How i wish i can visit japan one of these days………

  3. 3

    the asparagus doesn’t even look real 😛