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Japanese critters

蜘蛛 spider kumo

When you think of wildlife in a big city not much comes to mind outside of the zoo. Well, maybe you think of rats and cockroaches, but we haven’t seen either of those in Tokyo. (I saw lots of cockroaches when I lived in Tokyo 20 years ago, but my dwellings at the time were pretty grim too.)

At the nearby park, 甘泉園公園, there are tons of spiders. This park is immaculate. Everything is in perfect order except the spiders and their webs. I’m guessing the grounds keeper has either given up on the spiders or just likes them. It does add a certain charm to the place.

japanese beetle

We’ve seen lots of other little (and not so little) critters running about, like this beetle.

とかげ japanese lizard

This lizard had no problem posing for a photograph, but what made him really cool was where he was…

とかげ japanese shinto shrine lizard

…perched on a stone torii gate in the middle of a Shinto shrine (Mizu Inari Jinja to be exact).

蝉 semi cicada locust tokyo japan

I’ve heard a lot more from this last bug than I have had the chance to see. I’ve only seen a few, but it seems like I’ve heard millions by now. These are the ubiquitous semi (cicada) that fill the summer air with their cries.

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