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Beer girls – Part 1

beer girl chiba lotte marines japan baseball

As promised, today I have some photos of beer girls for you. These girls trot around the stadium with a smile on their face and a keg of beer on their back.

ebisu premium beer girl japanese baseball

I have been to three different stadiums now and the beer girl situation is very different at each. At the Lions’ games there are almost as many selling whiskey as selling beer. Whiskey was not available from the mobile vendors at the Marines’ or Swallows’ games.

japanese beer girl baseball game

3 Responses to “Beer girls – Part 1”

  1. 1

    nice packaging (-:

  2. 2

    Cool… reminds me of the Baseball games I attended while beeing in Japan. I really love Yakyuu and find it much cooler than American Baseball (sorry :P).

    I also like the beer girls of course ^^ As of yesterday, my Blog is running on it’s finally design (nearly) and I will post many Japan related stuff from my Japan travel from spring.

  3. 3

    Words cannot express the awesome.