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Taking your pet for a walk in Tokyo

While out for a walk along the Kanda River (神田川) we came upon some Tokyoites taking their pets for a walk.

tokyoites walking their pets along the kanda river 神田川

Someone had a dog on a leash. Another had his pet tortoise walking behind him, no leash required.

tokyo man out for a walk with his pet Tortoise

The tortoise was almost as fast as the dog and seemed to know exactly which way to go.

pet turtle Tortoise tokyo japan

The tortoise sported some fancy booties. I’m not sure if the booties were just for looks or if they protected the tortoise’s hind feet.

Tortoise shoes booties

Another time I was out in the rain, without a camera, and watched pet owners walking their dogs. The dogs had on raincoats. They looked rather miserable–not because it was raining but because they had to wear raincoats. I think they wanted to enjoy the rain hitting them, but that wouldn’t have been fashionable in this town.

2 Responses to “Taking your pet for a walk in Tokyo”

  1. 1

    the shoes on that tortoise are awesome – what a quirky little pet to have.

  2. 2

    That is so adorable 🙂 We once had tortoise as a pet when we were kid but we release it to the lake shortly.