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Yakult Swallows – Part 2

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Although I’m still a Seibu Lions fan, I almost instantly became a fan of the Yakult Swallows as well. Luckily the Swallows, in the Central League, are in a different league than the Lions (who are in the Pacific League) so cheering for both teams should not be a problem most of the time.

One reason I became a fan is their nearby location. Another is their edgy attitude, demonstrated by the player’s faces on the screen when announced.

There are many other reasons, but the overall one is they remind me of my favorite team in the US, the Oakland A’s. Both teams don’t spend on high-priced free agents. Both have a nearby team known as the Giants (I hate both). I’ll save some of my other reasons for later when I have pictures to better explain them.

japanese baseball

A 9th inning, 3-run home run by the Hiroshima Carp caused the Swallows to lose on this evening, but my daughter and I had a great time anyway. The Swallows made the Climax Series playoffs this year.

meiji jingu stadium after dark swallows carp

The half-empty stadium on a weeknight also reminded me of the good old days at the Oakland Coliseum in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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    Abraham Lincoln:

    Very nice sports shots.

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    Hello , I’m half japanese and live in France. I love baseball and that’s incredible , because I’m a huge fan of the Yakult Swallows in Japan, and the Oakland A’s in the majors !! Those are the only two teams I support ! Unfortunately the Yakult has lost to the Chunichi this season.