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Bangkok night

Night time came to our first full day in Thailand. After a refreshing (a bit too cold if you ask me) swim at the hotel we headed out for dinner…

…though not at McDonald’s. Notice that Ronald is doing the wai, a Thai form of greeting, thanking, etc. by putting your hands together near your neck and bowing a bit.

We ate at Sphinx, located at the end of Soi 4 off Silom Road. The food looked really good, and the free wonton appetizers were great, but this was my most disappointing meal in Thailand (and the most expensive).

We took a tuk tuk back to our hotel for only 20 baht (under $1). This was our first, and last, tuk tuk experience in Thailand, not that the experience was horrible. Tuk tuks in our next location (Phuket) were ridiculously priced so we never used them.

2 Responses to “Bangkok night”

  1. 1

    Al your pics are fantastic. I love the Buddhas and the Ronald McDonald and all the food. What a great year. Can you send pics of your apartment and the kids schools and their friends?

  2. 2

    Great pics. I really enjoyed reading all your blogs. ^^