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Road back to the Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok

thai food street market thailand bangkok

Street food, like the above, was available all over the place. Ellie had a coconut, but we avoided meat that wasn’t cooked right in front of us. Amazingly enough, none of us got even a little bit sick during the nine days we were in Thailand. We didn’t drink the water, but we had plenty of ice.

wat arun temple of dawn

The boat ride back down the Chao Phraya River had better views than the way up as the clouds and sun did a little dance behind Wat Arun.

chao phraya river bangkok thailand

mandarin oriental hotel bangkok thailand

Right on the river, near our pier, was the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The place is incredible. The above photo doesn’t do it justice. It probably didn’t hurt that we were hot, Bangkok was humid, and the inside was nicely air conditioned.

thai girls buying soda from street vendor

Further up the street we saw a street vendor making a killing thanks to the nearby school which had just let out.

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