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The Grand Palace

guardian of grand palace bangkok thailand

I’ll wrap up Thailand’s Grand Palace today with another flurry of photos.

thai man working at grand palace

This Thai man was working on the grounds. The above, close-up shot doesn’t fully revel his environment so I went for a wide angle shot, below, as well.

man working in thailand's grand palace

king's guard at thailand's grand palace

Just like Denmark and Norway, the king of Thailand has his guards too.

grand palace elephants bangkok thailand

Above is the Chakri Maha Prasat Hall. We didn’t see any live elephants in Bangkok, but we saw many in Phuket a few days later.

Linda and Ryan at the Grand Palace

I caught these two hanging out on the grounds of the Grand Palace.

grand palace gardens

The place almost looks like Disneyland… Older and not so phony though…

thai buddhist monk photographers

These two, Thai Buddhist monks sported far larger, fancier, and more expensive camera equipment than my little TZ7.

Aphorn Phimok Prasat Pavilion gold pavillion at grand palace bangkok thailand

This last structure is called the Aphorn Phimok Prasat Pavilion.

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