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Takeda Shingen’s wife


The Takeda Shingen Festival featured more than twenty different companies or organizations dressed up as Takeda Shingen’s regiments. Some included females as well. Most females were dressed up as samurai, but the above group had a lady in a palanquin that I believe was supposed to be Takeda Shingen’s mother. Before her in the procession was this female who may have represented Lady Uesugi or Lady Sanjo, two of Takeda Shingen’s wives.

Notice the Takeda Shingen statue in the background. You can find it to the right as you exit the Kofu Station. It is one of the few things that hasn’t changed since I lived in Kofu in 1988. The Takeda Shingen statue hasn’t changed since it was erected in 1969. The Shingen statue is one of my first memories of Japan as I walked from the station to the right (west) to reach my apartment located in Asahi 1 Cho.

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