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European Summer Music Festivals

metal town 2008 satyricon gothenburg sweden

My random desktop image of the day was this one, Satyricon at Metal Town 2008. I have become a bigger fan of Satyricon since then and hope to see them again this summer when I return to Scandinavia. While there are plenty of summer music festivals in Europe, I prefer to see bands in smaller venues, doing longer sets, and with fewer bands. Festivals are exhausting, crowded, and never as good as the sum of the parts.

However, I’m still thinking about Roskilde (mostly because I really want to see Mastodon). Maybe I’ll happen to catch another festival in Finland, Sweden, or somewhere.

Where should I go on my four-day weekends while living in Copenhagen? Currently I’m thinking about spending one in Norway for sure. Beyond that some options are Switzerland, Finland, Iceland, Sweden (again), Estonia (Baruto!), and Germany. Which would you choose, what towns should I visit in those countries, and why?

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