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Strike a pose

I was thinking about naming today’s entry “The view when you are 6′ 4″ at a concert in Japan,” but that seemed a bit long.

This photo is from Load Park and the band was Arch Enemy. The picture is more of a crowd shot than a band pic though. I like the atmosphere and feeling of it.

I’m planning on seeing many shows in the next five or six months including Amon Amarth (a 2-set show with no opening band, Woo Hoo!) in Portland next month, Floater in Grants Pass, and Robert Wynia in Medford. Most acts don’t make it anywhere near my neck of the woods, though, so this summer I plan to see many in Europe while I’m teaching in Denmark for six weeks. I’m especially looking forward to Mastodon at the Roskilde Festival.

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    I’m only 6’2, but that’s an idea. I should go to some concerts when I travel to Japan, the view will be much better than in Europe (why do I rarely meet people that are taller than me in the streets, but there are always a couple in front of me in concerts?)

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    Japan Australia:

    Good picture and really like the atmosphere it creates.