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Natural gas prices heading higher

I’m not a conspiracy theory type of guy, but CNN continues to do things that seem more than a little odd. From the outset of their coverage on Japan’s nuclear situation they have been exceedingly alarmist as I have mentioned before. Immediately after their gloom and doom predictions of nuclear holocaust, Fukushima being worse than Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, yada, yada, yada, they would feature ads for “America’s Natural Gas Alliance.” The ads talked about how clean and safe natural gas is. The timing seemed most unusual.

Now, the very same CNN is reporting that Natural Gas Rallies as Nuclear Falls Out of Favor. Does anyone know if the owners of CNN (Time Warner) also own a stake in natural gas? Or maybe they are just doing what they are doing for the natural gas advertising dollars? In any event, this seems like a conflict of interest that should be disclosed to those watching supposedly objective news reporting.

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