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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 (DSC-ZS7) GPS Geo Tagging

I didn’t realize that buying a Nikon would somehow make my Panasonic TZ10 more useful. As I mentioned before, I purchased the TZ10 mostly for the added zoom over my LX3. The GPS feature on it, which automatically tags every photo with your longitude and latitude coordinates, isn’t something I used often. While travelling, it is sometimes nice as the TZ10 will tell you where you are or what landmark you are nearby. However, I could never find a way to enter a picture’s coordinates after the fact to figure out where I took the picture.

Fast forward to my D7000 purchase. It came with software called View NX2 (free for anyone to download–you don’t need to purchase a Nikon to use it) which does some cool things to photos I took (or will take) with my TZ10. Not only does it show you on a Google map where you took a given picture, but let’s say you have 300 pictures in a directory that you took at various locations. If you want to quickly pull up only the photos you took at one place, you can click on that pin on the map, and it will highlight just those photos for you. This is very cool and useful if you have a camera with GPS capabilities but have yet to figure out any use for the GPS.

Here is an example with some photos I took in Tokyo. You may want to click on the image for a bigger and better view.

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