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More Death Angel photos

getaway rock festival 2011 death angel

Mark Osegueda

I know, I said a band a day a couple days ago, but I haven’t had a chance to process many images yet. I’ve only looked at my Death Angel photos (and a few others). I’ll probably have another dozen or so from Death Angel at some point, but tomorrow I will move on to another band.

death angel

Rob Cavestany of Death Angel at Getaway Rock Festival 2011

The only two problems with the Death Angel set were the aforementioned time/day placement of them in the lineup and the amount of time they were given to play (just 45 minutes). I could have used a good 90 minutes (or more) of Death Angel.

getaway rock festival Gävle sweden

Rob and Mark - Gävle, Sweden

After their set I wandered over to the t-shirt booth. I noticed this Asian guy wearing a shirt from the Club Citta gig in Kawasaki, Japan that I had wanted to go to but couldn’t because it happened after I left Japan. I figured he was Japanese so I started talking to him in Japanese only to find out he was Korean. Whoops!

korean fan in sweden

Korean fan of Death Angel travels to Sweden to the Getaway Rock Festival 2011

We chatted for a while. I asked him who he most wanted to see at the Getaway Rock Festival and, of course, tops on his list was Death Angel. Why wasn’t Death Angel given more than an hour during a prime time slot in the evening? Why?

death angel

Death Angel at Getaway Rock Festival 2011, Gävle Sweden

death angel

Mark Osegueda on lead vocals

Death Angel

Rob Cavestany on lead guitar

I’m off to Norway for four days beginning tomorrow so maybe I will pre-blog bands from Norway that were at Getaway while I’m gone.

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    Gunn White:

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