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Japanese beauty in autumn setting

autumn in japan

Autumn at Chinzanso

For those of you wondering if I would ever return to posts on Japan, the answer is yes. I’ll pepper them in from here on out now that I’m back from my summer in Scandinavia. It will be a while before most of the posts are on Japan though. Sorry.

Today’s pic was my random wallpaper of the day. I was taking photos of the fall colors in Chinzanso in Tokyo when this lady came wandering through my shots by herself. I didn’t mind.

BTW, fall is late in Tokyo. Don’t plan your vacation in late September, or even October, if you want to see the fall foliage (紅葉). Mid to late November (and even early December for some trees and locations) is when the colors are at their best in and around Tokyo. You could head north to see the colors earlier in Japan.

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    Indeed, when I as in Nikko for the fall foliage in 2007, it was in late November.