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Taiko at a bonodori

金泉湯 takadanobaba sento public bath house

金泉湯 ads on lanterns at Japanese festival

Japanese characters (kanji) on lanterns all look pretty cool to foreign eyes. When you can actual read the characters, though, the ones advertising places like 金泉湯 (Golden Spring Baths–a Japanese Sento or public bath) seem much cooler–and much more Japanese–than those advertising a local doctor’s office or McDonald’s.

Sadly, I never visited 金泉湯 (Kinsento), even though I walked past it a million times. I guess this is yet another reason why I need to go back to Tokyo one of these days. While the onsen (hot springs) establishments in Japan will never disappear, the number of sento are continually decreasing, and they could go extinct. I hope 金泉湯 is still around for my next visit.

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