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Photoshop depth-of-field effect in Edo Wonderland

photoshop depth of field effect kimono japanese lady

Edo Period Japanese female

Depth of field is a wonderful photo effect when you can control it. Unfortunately, without the right camera, lens, and conditions it isn’t always possible to blur the background or at least not as much as you’d like.

When the photo below came up as my random background I thought, “what a great subject ruined by the tourists in the background.” So I did about five minutes of research, spent another two minutes in Photoshop, and came away with my very first Photoshop tweak, above, using a depth of field effect. Although it’s not perfectly executed (another 10 minutes and I could have come away with something much better), I’m happy with how quickly I was able to blur the “tourist problem” in this photo.

before and after photos depth of field photoshop blur technique

Before Photoshop depth-of-field application

One Response to “Photoshop depth-of-field effect in Edo Wonderland”

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    I love the picture and the technique. I just bought a new camera so I will try it. Thanks!