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Taariiya (Indian Food)

インド定食 ターリー屋 西早稲田店

インド定食 ターリー屋 西早稲田店

Right next to Waseda University is an Indian Restaurant that I frequented about once a week. If I arrived before a certain time (11 a.m. I think) they had some great deals. Since my class ended a half hour before the time cutoff I’d arrive for the special, which was just a few hundred yen and consisted of a few curries, rice, naan, and an egg. Seeing this photo again I can almost taste my old usual order.

3 Responses to “Taariiya (Indian Food)”

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    The actual pronunciation is “thaali”. More information at
    P.S.: I am an Indian.. 🙂

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    The actual pronunciation, if it were in India, may be thaali, but in Japan the actual pronunciation is taarii (ya being a suffix for shop in Japanese). Like McDonald’s (makudonarudo) or convenience store (konbini), the Japanese pronunciation can be quite different than the original.

    Thanks for the info though. I was wondering what it meant.